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2018 Bathroom Trends

2018 Bathroom Trends

By Hanna Margetson & Sarah Kalule 11/01/2018 12:26 pm

Some bathroom trends from 2017 will carry through but there may be some new design features coming through this year. This blog will give you an insight to some new design ideas you can work into your bathroom renovation.


Escapism is a word that will carry on into 2018. As we spend a great deal of time in the bathroom we still want it to feel like a relaxing day spa. Achieving this look can be done with hidden storage such as inset into walls and behind mirrors. This clears any clutter leaving your beautiful styling on display. Another way to achieve this look is to bring the outside in with large windows or greenery. This will leave you with a calming day spa feel in your bathroom.



Free Standing Baths

Free standing baths are a feature that will stay in 2018. They can come in a variety of designs suiting a wide range of styles. Such as claw foot baths for traditional style bathrooms or rounded, rectangular baths for more contemporary, modern spaces. Be bold! Coloured baths such as black or navy will also make an appearance in 2018. Bathtub sizes will become reduced, this is to accommodate for smaller urban apartments but also to introduce a sense of restrained elegance and intimacy. Therefore, smaller does not mean less it will just mean more comfort, style, and functionality for apartment style living.

Customise the basin.

2018 is all about customisation. Basins can come in a variety of sizes, shapes and made out of different materials. This year the shallow basin will become increasingly popular due to their modern aesthetic. Shallow above counter basins are a popular choice for contemporary style bathrooms. As seen below on our Portsea vanity. Stone basins will also compete against the classic ceramic basins.

Navy is the colour for bathrooms!

We saw touches of navy last year but it is here to stay. While all white bathrooms are out, pairing white and blue together will make your bathroom feel and look fresh. Navy vanities are a good way to brighten up your space for example our Cleo vanity has all the right features to make a standout in your bathroom.

Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic Tiles are another stunning way to build interest in your bathroom. Last year we have seen many different designs, shapes, materials and colours of mosaic tiles and will keep evolving this year. They can be used on the floors, walls and if you want to keep it simple using small amounts of them make it a standout feature. Another good thing about these tiles is you can use them in any style bathroom. There is the perfect simple shape, bold colour designs for contemporary bathrooms and marble geometric patterns for more of the traditional touch.

Bring life with plants!

Finally keeping your bathroom looking and feeling fresh will never go off trend. Bringing life into your bathroom is the best way to achieve this. Vertical gardens, potted plants and hanging plants are all here to stay.