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5 Hamptons Renovation Ideas

5 Hamptons Renovation Ideas

By Renae Morgan 8/02/2019 1:00 pm

Despite the many different design styles used around the world, Hamptons has become one of the most popular.

This coastal and airy aesthic is dominating bathroom trends everywhere.

Whilst renovating your bathroom you may be overwhelmed with how to achieve a Hamptons style.

Below are five easy to follow renovation tips on hour to bring Hamptons to your bathroom. 


Using neutral and cool tones throughout your bathroom will enhance the atmosphere of cleanliness and lightness. 


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Lighting has an impact on how your Hamptons scheme will turn out. The most effective way to this is to explore on ways to create natural lighting through windows and skylights. 

This will also create an illusion of ariness. 




Using a traditional Hamptons vanity in your bathroom is a must as this will tie the whole look together.


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Fixtures and Finishes

Make sure when picking out your fixtures and finishes they complement the Hamptons style.

Such as; plantation shutters, wall panelling, shaker style cupboards. 


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Tiles play a role in fixtures and fitting as this component will enhance your hamptons bathroom by giving it more character to the area. 

Below are a list of styled tiles that you can utilise in your space. 

Type of tiles:

1. White subway 

2. Victorian Morrocan

3. Marble

4. Hexagon mosaic

5. Herrigbone mosaic 

6. Fish Scale mosaic

7. Vintage Victorian 

8. Subway using cool tones

9. Octagon mosaic

10. Concrete

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