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How to do Hollywood Regency in 2019

How to do Hollywood Regency in 2019

By Tayla Cornelio 22/02/2019 1:00 pm

“Hollywood Regency is glitz and glamour covered in lacquer, chrome, and mirrored finishes. Every detail is meant to convey luxury and there is always the feeling that people should look good in the design— particularly if they are wearing satin bathrobes and sipping a cocktail.” - Rochelle Greayer

Designing a Hollywood Regency inspired bathroom may seem daunting especially finding the perfect mix of traditional and timeless. This journal will guide you to designing a Hollywood Regency bathroom in 2019.


Black, whites & creams, accents of silver, gold & brass and pops of colours - both deep and subtle depending on the overall mood of your bathroom. 

Below are some Hollywood Regency inspired colour palettes. 

Fixtures and Fitings

Have a bold statement piece! This could be your bath, vanity or even choice of tapware throughout. 

Decor for Hollywood inspired bathrooms include: 

1. Statement Tapware

2. Vintage Mirrors

3. Wainscoting and Wallpaper

4. Roll Top and Claw Feet baths 

5. Wall Mount Pendants and Chandelier Lighting

6. Bigger, Bolder, Brassier

7. Pattern and Colour

Below are some of our favourite Hollywood inspired fixtures and fitings. 


Inspired by the Golden Era of Tinseltown, the Vanity by Design Hollywood Regency Collection is glamorously elegant, bridging the gap between traditional and modern. Subtle design meets richly ornate metallics to create a dramatic backdrop of neo classical lines and opulent finishes.

Check out our very own Hollywood Regency vanity collection below!


Hollywood Regency tiles are often monochrome however are made up of patterns and shapes.

Below are some of our favourite Hollywood inspired tiles. 

Finished Bathrooms

Have a look at some of our favourite Hollywood Regency Bathrooms!



Source: Vanity by Design 


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