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Moodboards: Discovering Your Style

Moodboards: Discovering Your Style

By Georgia Spurling 22/02/2018 12:26 pm

About to start a bathroom renovation or build? Here's some tips to help organise all your ideas in one place & ensure your bathroom is the envy of all your friends. A step by step introduction to moodboards.

Ready to get creative...?

Introduction to Moodboards  

A Moodboard is known as an arrangement of various materials, items & text intended to communicate a sense of style or concept for a project. There's so much to consider when designing a bathroom, from the tapwear to the tiles and the joinery. Having a moodboard allows you to organise all your ideas in a way that helps you visualise the space as a whole. It serves as a reminder of what colours you want to work with & what patterns & textures are present in the space. (Organisation is key in bathrooms!)


Some people don't think they can master the concept of a moodboard BUT if you can set up an 'insta-worthy' picnic by positioning the camembert cheese, figs & dip on the rug, I'd say you probably already have a keen eye. It's all about the layers & what draws the eye! The key principles to any design are colour, balance, repitition & contrast. Your eye can be drawn to any area of the design, there's no set grid or guideline. Alike in a bathroom there is no set rules, anything CAN be the vocal point, no matter how big or small or where it is situated. 

Before you start designing your space, think about WHAT you want people to notice first. Would it be the gorgeous herringbone tile or the freestanding vanity or maybe even the fresh bouquet of flowers on the cabinet...

Discovering your style 

Step 1: Research

If your like me you're constantly flipping through magazines, scrolling through instagram and compiling a large collection of inspiring work on Pinterest (It's addicting!). Start by collecting images of bathrooms you LOVE. Is there a common theme running through the pictures? What is it that stands out the most to you? It could be the colours used, the shape of surfaces or materials occupying the space. 

Whilst researching it's important to not set your mind up on a certain piece of joinery or tile. The reality is, sourcing the product might be impossible. Once you have an idea of a style you'd like to acheive jump online and find suppliers that stock similar products, but be open to trying something new! Find a must-have item, this will become your statement piece that the whole bathroom will revolve around. 

Place your statement piece on a blank board or page as shown below. This can be done physically or digitally! 


Step 2: Layer it up

Now that you've found that perfect statement, you can start playing around with different combinations that will compliment your chosen piece. I've chosen the Cleo vanity in navy to create some fun combinations (But seriously how gorgeous is it!). Creating a moodboard is a little bit like a recipe... Too much of something & it can become overpowering, just like when too much milk is added to coffee... In any recipe it's important to create the perfect balance of ingredients through different textures & even colour. The balance between colours, patterns & textures in a bathroom should work harmoniously to create an inviting space. 

If matching colours isn't your thing & blue is just blue to you, there's many apps that can help you! A free website I love is called 'Coolors.' It's a colour generating site. You can upload an image you love and it will create a colour scheme from the photo! If you don't have a photo it will randomly shuffle colours and tones around with the simple act of hitting the space bar until you find a combination you love (It's that simple). 

Start adding different textures & colours to your board that compliment your statement piece. (Don't limit yourself to one scheme.) Play around with different options & ideas. I like to think of it in three ways. A safe, common style, (As an example the white subway tiles went through a craze in 2017). The second board should be something a little bit different, adding your own spin to an everyday style. (Could be in the way the tiles are laid, or by using coloured grout & contrating inlays, which is a new trend hitting the market.) The last board should be an out-there crazy scheme that is completely unique. (Just have fun with it!) 

For my three boards I've decided to pair the Cleo vanity with three dominant schemes of differing styles to show different ways the same vanity can be adapted. The three colours I have decided to pair with are colours that contrast so lovely with navy. 

(Below are some basic combination ideas) 

Step 3: Add, Remove, Edit 

Keep adding different elements to your board until you capture the essence of the style you're going for. As a general tip to consider, make sure all your fittings & tapwear match. (Nothing annoys me more than seeing a beautiful gold tap with chrome vanity handles.) 2018 is set to see lots of gold features. A sophisticated look between elegance & contemporary known as transitional design, is a fast approaching style. A style perfectly paired with all our vanity range as our designs are timeless & elegant yet fun with our range of unqiue colour options. 

Keep adding, removing & editing your boards as the process goes along. Remember it's not set in concrete but is a great tool to make sure you have a clear idea of where your heading. 

At the end of this activity you should come away with three unique, bold and balanced moodboards. BUT the hardest part is yet to come, choosing which one you want to go ahead with. Talk with your family, friends and even ask opinions from professionals. (Or come in & say hello, we'd love to help you find the perfect vanity!)

(Examples of a physical moodboard using sample tiles & colours. These combinations would also compliment the Navy Cleo vanity lovely!)