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Adding Colour To Your Bathroom

Adding Colour To Your Bathroom

By Sarah Kalule 16/08/2017 12:26 pm

With sunnier days on the way, it’s time to update your bathroom. A hint of colour will bring a unique statement to your bathroom while still looking fresh and clean. Here are our top ways to add personality to your next bathroom design.

Wall: Paint, Tiles & Features

One of the simplest and cost efficent ways to add colour to your bathroom is painting the walls with a fresh coat. Your first step is to choose the colour you want to use to achieve your stylish design and then build your room around that pallete.

Tiles used in a minimalistic way can leave a great impression on your bathroom. Instead of covering your whole space with patterned tiles try incorporating tiles sparingly. This could be on a splashback or an accent wall in your shower.


For something a bit more daring, go for an attention grabbing feautre wall. For the best result, choose a wall that has a focal point (usually the wall first seen when walking into a bathroom, the wall with the vanity or bath).


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Adding blues to your bathroom can make your space feel inviting and cosy when paired with natural light. Choose to use it as a feature colour or the main contributor. Lighter blues are perfect for making the bathroom feel welcoming, clean and bright. Alternatively, darker blues and navys are perfect for giving a cosy feeling. Go for a darker blue to give your bathroom a luxe impression.


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A great way to achieve a beautiful bathroom is through a stunning vanity. One of the easiest adjustments you can make to your vanity is by adding colour to the top of the cabinet. It will be a stand out! Consider keeping the top neutral when pairing it with your cabinet’s statement colour or vise versa.

For countertops, there are several interesting colours and materials to choose from that will make your vanity pop. Investing in a marble or stone top with unique texture can take your bathroom from the ordinary to extraordinary!


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The beauty of soft pink is that it can be used as a neutral colour. Its subtle tone makes it easy to work with in a wide range of colour schemes. Pink works wonderfully on statement pieces as well as walls.


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Choose to accent you bathrooom with basin that features colour. Overcounter and wall hung basins are great to work with. Select a new hue that would add warmth and vibrance to your bathroom. There are a range of materials to choose from such as cooper and painted ceramics. 



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Greys & Neutrals

If bold colours aren't your thing, why not opt for a warm grey scheme instead? Greys will give a sophisticated effect on a monochrome bathroom.


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The Tub

Bring a little life to your bathroom with a stylish bath. Porcelin, metalics and arcylics are some of the materials you can use with colour to add flair and personality. You can also turn it into your own diy project and paint your old bath.

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Showcasing greenery in your bathroom will instatly brightnen your bathroom. Whether you choose to bring in live or fake plants that are plain or extravagent, greenery will uplift the mood in your space. If you’re feeling a little more creative and adventerous why not incorporate greenstone in your bathroom. Check out our other blog on 'Adding Greenery To Your Bathroom' for more information. 



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An affordable way to add colour to your bathroom is with colour palette inspired accessories. Take advantage of this cheap and easy method to transform your space. There are countless ways you can achieve this look by including towels, floor mats, dispensers, storage units, candles, pots, paintings and other decor. Play around with different colour schemes until you find a style that suits you.



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