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Bathroom Lighting: A Brief How To

Bathroom Lighting: A Brief How To

By Grant Dickson 27/02/2017 12:16 pm

Bathroom lighting is quite often on the lower end of the priority list when it comes to bathroom design. However, it is imperative to consider lighting strategies when working within bathrooms. It is important to keep in mind when lighting a bathroom that the space should be bright and clean. To achieve this result, ample overhead and task lighting is a must. In saying this, as people spend more and more time within their bathrooms, an understanding that the atmosphere within the space should be relaxing as opposed to a more clinically lit room. Giving the occupants of the room control over lighting, via the use of dimmers is an effective way to achieve a more desirable, tailored feel to the room. 

Important areas to focus lighting on in the bathroom.

  • Light the vanity area with task lighting. Its recommended to have a lighting fixture above the mirror or sconces on either side.
  • Light the shower and bath area with over head lighting. Equal lighting at both ends of the bath or shower is best. The lighting should be placed directly above where you stand.
  • Appropriate use and placement of strip lighting can achieve a sleek and minimalistic style.
  • Always remember to go for a warm white light, as opposed to cool white lighting.

Here are some of our recent favourite bathrooms: