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Bathroom Storage Hacks

Bathroom Storage Hacks

By Grant Dickson 1/05/2017 12:26 pm

The bathroom is one room in the home that never has enough storage space. No matter how big your bathroom is, you will always have the need for extra storage and organization. There are multiple ways to add storage and organize your bathroom without breaking the bank and without taking up precious floor space. Just a few little tips can drastically change the look and function of your bathroom. Here are a few of our favourite storage hacks.

1. The Humble Vintage Ladder.

A ladder is one of the most space efficient uses of storage there is. By utilizing the ladders conveniently placed runs, we suddenly have ample space to place storage baskets or hang multiple towels, which neatly organizes clutter in a vertical manner, freeing up space within your bathroom. Re-purpose a second hand vintage ladder, or use a fresh ladder to best compliment your bathroom decor.

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2. Not just a cane basket.

By repurposing those cheap cane baskets we all secretly own, your bathroom surfaces and walls will be neatly organized and ready for your guests to use leaving you worry free. Simply attach the cane baskets to the wall and watch the results.

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