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Baths: Things to consider

Baths: Things to consider

By Hanna Margetson 11/07/2017 1:56 pm

Bathrooms are what sell houses, so it is critical you make the right decision about what goes in your bathroom. We have given many tips about trends, styling, tiles and vanities we thought why not supply some information about baths aswell. A bathtub is perfect after a long day at work so it is important you choose the bath that is right for you. There are alot of things you should consider before purchasing a bath, whether its budget, style, or what material its made from. This blog will provide information about baths, the baths we make and how to style them all to ensure you make the right decision for your bathroom.

Things To Consider

1.Measure the space so you know the exact size bath you need, then determine what kind of installations that could be done in that area.

2.Is your bath going to be in the middle of your bathroom or against a wall.

3.Consider what materials you want your bath to be made out of, this blog will provide more information about popular choices of materials for baths.

4.Choose which style you want your bath whether its contemporary or traditional, free standing or inset.

5.Determine a budget for your bath.


On the market there are many different materials a bath can be made from and the price range for each varies. Stone cast resin bath mimic the look of travertine, limestone, marble and granite, they are not as expensive as natural stone baths so they are perfect for someone who wants that look on a tight budget. A copper bath is another choice with different aesthetic when it comes to bathing. Made in a variety of shapes, copper conducts and retains heat, making it perfect for those long baths. Among the most expensive bath materials on the market is Enameled Cast Iron Baths. They are Strong and durable and long lasting, these baths are created by pouring molten iron into a mold. Extremely popular in Europe, steel enamel bathtubs are a fantastic option for bathing. Exceptionally durable, steel enamel baths are hard-wearing, scratch resistant, hygienic and easy to clean. Steel enamel bathtubs are another fantastic option for bathing. Each material has a different aesthetic that can be seen below.



Our Baths

At Vanity By Design we make acrylic bathtubs. We supply a range of contemporary and traditional style baths. Acrylic has become an extremely popular choice for bath materials. Its natural warmth as well as its strength make it a favorite for home renovators. Acrylic Baths are a lightweight and affordable bath option. If you are renovating your bathroom on a budget, look at acrylic tubs, they are a great value for money. They are lightweight, which saves on transport costs also. Our baths are 4mm high quality sanitary acrylic with an Internal reinforced steel base and they are polished an average of 8 hours.


To finish off the look of your new bath its important to style it nicely. Add some life to your bathroom include some greenery, depending on where your bath sits either add a large pot plant or hang a plant from the ceiling. Drooping a nice towel over the edge of the bath is always an inviting feature. A ladder is a perfect way to hang towels on if your bath is up against a wall its both functional and aesthetic. A timber stump next to your bath adds a nice natural touch to warm up your bathroom this look works where ever your bath is placed in the bathroom. Finally placing a bath tray on the edges of the bath is both functional and looks great, its a perfect way to place candles, soaps and looks inviting also.