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Choosing Your Mirror

Choosing Your Mirror

By Jacob Olsen 25/09/2017 12:26 pm

Often one of the last items to be installed in any space, just like a good piece of art can, mirrors can make or break the look and functionality of any bathroom.

These days we spend hours in front of the mirror, from brushing our teeth in the morning to getting ready for that big night out, we all need a good mirror. Changing your mirror is a fantastic way to update any bathroom if you’re on a tight budget and can completely change the look and feel. Investing in a good mirror is always a good idea as it something you will use on a daily basis and is usually one of the first things guests will see and use in the bathroom. From Hidden storage, LED lights even speakers, mirrors have come a long way are the mirror to definitely a mirror to suit your requirements. 


Depending on the style of your home a traditional styled mirror can be a fantastic addition to your bathroom. Not only does it add a touch of character and personality to your bathroom it can highlight the style of bathroom you are trying to achieve. Why not try to mix and matching your mirror to your vanity. Try adding a mirror with a different finish or colour, you will be amazed at how it can completely change to look of your bathroom. Our range of traditional mirrors complement our Hampton and Hollywood Regency vanities perfectly. One of our favourites combinations at the moment is the Maison vanity and mirror and it’s on sale. Who doesn’t love a sale!



Mirror Wall and Tiles

All bathrooms need tiles so why not try and incorporate mirrored tiles or a mirrored wall into your bathroom.  The great thing about introducing a mirror in general to your space is that. Mirror tiles can be a great option for any bathroom as they can make even the smallest of bathrooms appear and feel a lot larger than they actually are. Not only do they add an interesting and unique talking point to any bathroom but they reflect any available light and naturally make it feel brighter than it actually is.

Another option is to add a mirrored wall to your bathroom. Rather than tiling every single wall in your bathroom or even any wall in your bathroom why not try doing a mirrored wall. Big mirrors can make a huge impact on any space and look impressive. They can streamline your design and give your bathroom a modern and contemporary look. 

Shaped Mirrors

Move over square and rectangular mirrors, round is the new kid on the block. Add a little interest and personality to your bathroom by adding in a shaped mirror.

A matte black power coated steel mirror looks great on white walls and even better when combined with matching matte black tapware and accessories. We ourselves are just about to introduce some amazing round mirrors to our collection later this year and are excited to see what you think. So keep an eye out on our website!

Shaving Cabinets

Storage, storage, storage! You can never have enough storage in your home. As you’ve seen in the Block this season all the judges in each bathroom reveal were looking for face level storage. Mirrored shaving cabinets not only look great but are extremely practical addition to any bathroom. While you may think of shaving cabinets at those bulking boxes that use to stick out from the wall. These days shaving cabinets are now being streamlined and integrated into bathrooms so well that you almost wouldn’t realise that they were hiding all this amazing storage.