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Find Your Style

Find Your Style

By Hanna Margetson 20/06/2017 3:56 pm

Moved into a new house? Renovating your bathroom? If your stuck on a style direction and dont know where to start, this is a helpful guide to find the style that is right for you. It is important that the style flows through your home nicley this can be done by a colour pallet, same use of colour, texture, furnitue and similar styling though out will tie in your home perfectly. The bathroom can be tricky to tie in to the rest of you home. Below are some images of bathrooms each styled according to trends that are in now. You can easily take features from each photo and put into your own home to create the style thats right for you.

1. Traditional

  The traditional style is popular in heritage or older style or even in modern homes. Traditional style can be done in many different ways. The style is timeless hence why its popular. Below are images that show how the traditional style can be carried out in a bathroom. The first bathroom is a perfect example of traditional, its classy, neutral and timeless. Everything about it is traditional from the tapware, marble, vanity and neutral colour of grey used. The second bathroom is an example of a modern meets traditional bathroom. This type of traditional bathroom will work in a more modern home but still has a traditional feel. The vanity feels traditional while the framless mirror, wall mounted taps have touches of modern design. The third bathroom is a fun traditional bathroom. The blue subway tiles paired with the white vanity and mosaic floor tiles give off a fresh light feel. This look could work both in a traditional home or a more modern looking home.


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2. Contemporary

Contemporary design is forever changing and updating. Its a very popular style and can also be done in many ways. The style is full of line, shape, colour but is still simple. Below are three very different ways of doing a contemporary style bathroom. The first bathroom creates a beautiful fresh simple feel with the exposed garden. Simplicity is created through the plinth and organic bathtub. The second image shows off in trend tapware and pop-up basin waste color and finish. The rose gold finish is simply paired with in trend soft grey hexagonal feature tile. Third bathroom is an image of a Vanity By Design contemporary vanity. Made for smaller bathrooms, comes in a variety of colors and has a touch of leather on the handles for the perfect contemporary vanity for an ensuite.


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3.  Industrial

Industrial design is renown for its raw finishes. The industrial style can defiantly be pulled off beautifully if its the style of your home. Below are some examples of bathrooms that have an industrial design. They can be paired back with touches of industrial features or it can be done more full on. The first bathroom is an example of a paired back industrial. The texture on the wallpaper, copper finishes, bath frame, towel rail and pendants are all details that go with industrial design. The second image demonstrates how texture and raw materials can be paired together nicely to create a simple industrial bathroom. The third bathroom shows how a minimal industrial design can look. Exposed brick, towel rail, vanity and the choice of colour can be taken and redone in a bathroom to create this type of industrial look.  


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4. Scandinavian

Scandinavian design is similar to contemporary. It's about simplicity, light and fresh feelings. This style is on trend and is being done in a lot of homes. It can be easily achieved in bathrooms that still connect to all other rooms of the house. The first bathroom is an example of a Scandinavian design in a bathroom, with the black and white feature tile and the washed timber to add warmth. Similar in the second image another white feature tile is used with the warmth from the timber paired with brass finish on the tapware. The third image demonstrates how to create the fresh light look, once again with black and white colours and timber for warmth. All the features of these bathrooms can be taken out and put into your home to create Scandinavian vibes in your bathroom. 


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