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Hamptons Style Bathroom: A Brief How To

Hamptons Style Bathroom: A Brief How To

By Hanna Margetson & Sarah Kalule 1/05/2017 12:26 pm

Hamptons Style Bathrooms are illustrated by the relaxed and serene beach lifestyle. Its gives a sophisticated and beautiful home feel that is casual and graceful. Here are five tips to create a Hamptons influence.

1. Marble

Marble or natural stone can be used on counter tops or for tiling. To give a Hamptons look, tiling can be applied in various ways such as hexagonal and herringbone.

Hexagonal Marble Tiling    Marble Tiling

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2. Vanity

A Hamptons style vanity is usually free standing, fitted with doors, draws and cabinets and are complimented with chrome plated handles.

Sophia Vanity Grey    Maison Vanity White

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3. Wall Paneling

It is popular for walls or sections of a wall to be paneled or covered with wall paper.

Wall Paper Panel    Rectangular Wall Paneling

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4. Tapware

Traditional style mixers and taps are commonly used throughout a Hamptons style bathroom. Match tapware with cabinet handles to allow connection and flow.

Chrome Tap  Chrome tap

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5. Neutral Colours

Hamptons style bathrooms usually have a neutral colour palette such as greys, whites and a touch of blue.

Neutral Colour Vanity Style   Neutral Colour Vanity Style

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