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Kerdic Modular Pods

Kerdic Modular Pods

By Georgia Spurling 15/10/2018 11:00 pm

Heard of shipping container homes? Our business partners Kerdic Homes have completed 2 'Pod' designs. Shipping containers are a great way to save time on construction. Would you live in one of these? 

Pod 1: Air BnB Location: Ipswich

How sophisticated does this pod look! It doesn't even resemble a shipping container with the external timber cladding. The adjoining deck and bi-fold doors create such a welcoming environment. Let's take a look inside... 


Image 1: Exterior View


Image 2: Kitchen Space

Image 3: Living Space 

How luxurious does this kitchen & living space look. The timber finish contrasted with the black cabinetry creates a modern, contemporary design. The modular space is cleverly designed with a galley style kitchen and window seating elongating the space.   


Image 4: Bedroom and Bathroom

Image 5: Lounge Seating 

The bedroom and bathroom have been planned with access in mind to create an escape from the rest of the living spaces. Our Madero vanity in slate grey has been used in this bathroom design as shown above. The styling combination of timber, black and grey creates continuity and is a great colour pallete that will suit any visitors staying at the Airbnb. 

The madero vanities on sale now!  However there is limited stock remaining on this style vanity so get in quick! 

If you love this pod as much as we do, this one-bedroom, one-bathroom home is perfect for a night away or holiday stay. Check out the link below to see it's listing on airbnb.

Pod 2:  Location: Ipswich


Image 6: Positioning the container on site. 

Image 7: Landscaping and Decking 

The subdivided land has been planned behind an existing home creating a private living area. Photos of the pod being positioned on site, show the process of the construction phase. Such an innovative and efficient use of space, time and money! 


Image 8: Bathroom 

Image 9: Kitchen 

The timber feature and matching handles in the bathroom vanity and kitchen cabinetry unifies the space together and creates a beautiful flow throughout the pod design.


Image 10: Study / Spare Bedroom

Image 11: Bedroom 

The bedroom and study room have been designed with consideration to storage with a built in desk and cabinetry. This modular space is perfect for anyone moving out for the first time or a student! 


This pod will be available to rent soon! If you have any questions about the space or would like to find out more, email  

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These container homes have been internally designed by Ian Wrightson, who also designed our favourite vanities!! Check out Ian Wrightson's design studio online and keep updated on his current projects.