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Vanity By Designs Colours & Finishes

Vanity By Designs Colours & Finishes

By Hanna Margetson 7/11/2017 12:26 pm

Our Finishes At Vanity by Design we have Three main collections. Hamptons, Hollywood Regency and Contemporary. In each collection we have a variety of finishes that suit each style. Below is a rundown of the collections we have and the variety of finishes we have in each one. This will help you define what style you’re going for and help choose your finer details such as colour, texture or high gloss finishes.


The Hamptons Collection exudes sophistication while retaining an understated elegance. Within a crisp, modern colour palette, the designs draw upon coastal lifestyle influences to offer resort luxury in any home. The Hamptons is also world renowned for its very own signature style. The essence of this much loved style is incorporated into our Vanity by Design signature Hamptons Collection, allowing you to create this luxury and casual elegance in your own bathroom.

In the Hamptons Collection we have included all free standing vanities, they are called. The Sophia, Wainscott, Eastport, Montauk and the new Hayley. In this collection each vanity is hand painted and sealed to make it aesthetic and functional for your bathroom. Having them hand painted give them a stunning matte finish with a smooth texture which goes perfectly with our Carrara or Emperador tops and together bring out the elegance of the Hamptons style. What makes the finish Beautiful are the colours you can choose from. We have the classic Black or white but to mix it up we offer South Hampton Grey, Garden Grey and the new Duck Egg Blue. These three colours are all so different but all link back to the coastal feel of the Hamptons. 



Hollywood Regency

Hollywood Regency samples designs from Chinoiserie, neoclassical, art deco and modern. It is a great way to add strong personality to your bathroom and allow you to be always ready for your close-up! Designed to reflect the essence of pure Hollywood Glamour in interior design and decorating, our Vanity by Design Hollywood Regency Collection relates to today’s modern interiors while providing a hint to our fabulously glamorous past.

The Hollywood Regency collection consists of the Chantel, Cleo and Maison. Like the Hamptons collection the vanities are also hand painted to give a smooth texture and matte finish. This collection is also hand painted so that all the intricate details in the vanities speak for themselves. To add a feel of your own personal touch we give you some more great colour options! We have the simple black and white, the cool south Hampton grey and Garden Grey and the bold Duck egg, Navy or Jade Green to make your bathroom pop. Each colour is different in each way and will change the look of your bathroom completely to give you those Hollywood vibes.




Last but not least we have the stunning contemporary collection. Our Vanity by Design Contemporary Collection hits a new benchmark in vanity design. Striking timber finishes and unique materials are combined to create statement pieces that add style and personality to the contemporary bathroom.

Designed to reflect the way we live in the modern world, Vanity by Designs’ Contemporary Collection focusses on classic and contemporary designs that address all the needs of day to day life.

Our newest designs in the Contemporary collection include the Huxley, Portsea, and McQueen. The contemporary collection is unique as we have no paint finishes. The finishes we have for this collection are the beautiful natural timber veneer finish and a 2pac gloss paint. Just like our Traditional collections we also have a variety of colours in the timber veneers to choose from so the vanity matches you tiles beautifully. All veneers have a timber like texture which adds intrest to its seamless design. Colour options are Natural, is a clean fresh timber finish, inspired by our love of classic Scandinavian design. Sable, is a warm timber finish that has chocolate and mocha undertones. Japan Black, is both dramatic and elegant, ensuring that your vanity is a stand out design feature. The 2pac paint finish is in white, is a classic and timeless look for any bathroom. These finishes and contemporary vanities will ensure your bathroom is on trend and full of character.

Vanity By Design finishes and colours are chosen carefully to emphasise the designs of our vanities to make your bathroom the hero of your house!