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How to choose the perfect tap

How to choose the perfect tap

By Georgia Spurling 19/11/2018 1:00 am

Taps, taps and more taps...

If you’re buying a vanity you’re also going to need to purchase a tap. With so many to choose from it can be overwhelming. Chrome, gold, gooseneck, straight, mixer, one tap hole, 3 tap holes it’s no wonder it can become confusing. (Let’s not even start on plumbing….)

Ross, a staff member in our Brisbane Showroom is our go to man when it comes to taps and bathroom accessories. You’ll never see a man more excited about taps than Ross – Guaranteed.

If you have any questions he's the man to ask. Send through any questions or enquries to 

We thought we would come up with some tips to help you choose the best tapware for your bathroom and chosen vanity. If you visit our Brisbane or Sydney showrooms we are happy to help! Most of our vanities are styled with a tap to help imagine how the vanity will look and function in your own home. 

Top 5 Tips

1)      Always choose a tap that suits the style of your vanity. Our Hamptons and Hollywood range should be paired with traditional tapware such as the Federation or Georgian Range by Nero Tapware. These taps compliment the vanity and respect the elegance and character of the vanity. Alike, contemporary vanities look best with modern style mixers for a sleek and sophisticated look. A popular trend in contemporary tapware continues to be matte black finishes as they create a bold statement in the bathroom.


Featured: (Left to Right)

Federation Twinner Gold Cross Handle 

Dolce Basin Mixer (Straight) in Matte Black

2)      The Vanity hardware and tapware should match. If your vanity has chrome handles, chrome tapware is recommended to create continuity and a relationship between the tapware and the vanity cabinet. (As shown below) 


Featured: (Left to right)

Federation Chrome Standard Handle Mixer 

Wainscott 900 Vanity in White with Chrome Hardware 

3)      Before purchasing your vanity, thought should have already gone into tapware choice as holes need to be drilled into the marble tops for mixers or tap sets. Some of our vanities are designed purely for wall mounted taps, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us prior to purchasing your vanity. Once you know if the vanity you are puchasing can have holes drilled. You will need to decide on a single mixer or individual taps and spout (Drilling tapholes does come at a cost). Below are some examples of different configurations of tapware and options that you can choose from. 

4)      Understand your needs. Who will be using the bathroom. A family with young kids? The taps should be easy to use and simple to turn on and off. The needs of your vanity should also be considered. It may look great but if it doesn't function together there may be issues. Check the height of the taps and how the mixer lever moves to make sure there is enough circulation around the basin for ease of use. You may also need to converse with your plumber prior to installation to make sure the tapware you choose can easily be connected to water supply. 




Featured: (Left to right) 

Federation Hob Set with Porcelain Handles 

Dolce Chrome Wall Mounted tap set with spout 

Federation Gold Lever Handle Mixer 

Georgian Chrome Porcelain Handle Mixer 

Dolce Spout and wall mixer 

Vitra rose gold basin mixer


5)      Along with keeping to style and finishes it is important to make sure the tap you choose is compatible and will compliment other fittings and accessories in your bathroom. At Vanity By Design we have a range of accessories including toilet paper holders, towel rails and soap dishes. Take a look at our range here:



Cortanze Traditional toilet paper holder - Chrome 

Cortanze Single Towel Rail - Chrome 

Our tapware comes in a range of styles and finishes as shown. The three most common finishes are chrome, gold and matte black. As dicussed it is important to pick tapware that will be functional but also suit the style of the vanity and the overall bathroom aesthetic. 

Both contemporary and traditional ranges of tapware are available to purchase with your vanity. You can view all our tapware on our website

If there is anything not on our website that you are needing we may be able to assist you and order it in for you on request. Just get in contact with Ross at 

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