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Planning Your Next Bathroom Renovation

Planning Your Next Bathroom Renovation

By Jacob Olsen 21/07/2017 1:56 pm

Planning a bathroom renovation can be a daunting task. These days everybody wants something unique and individual that will make a statement in their home. Bathrooms are a vital part of any home, they are day in day out and need to be practical and functional space that meets the needs of the owner. Bathroom renovations take time and can be a costly exercise. It is well known that budgets can easily be blown if you don’t spend time at the beginning carefully working out where you should and shouldn’t spend your money. So where do you start? Tiles? Taps? Vanity?

Here are 5 steps to get you on your way when planning your next bathroom renovation. 

1. Style

What would you like your new bathroom to look like? Hamptons? Luxe? Contemporary? It is vital to sit down and make a list of what you like and wouldn’t like in your new bathroom. Having a clear vision of what you would like your bathroom to look like and have it in will not only help you make decisions quicker and fast but most importantly it will be a great as a reference point that you can keep referring back to as you choose your fittings and finishes for your bathroom. Ask yourself does this fit in with my original concept? Does this fit in with the other finishes I have chosen? Not having a clear vision from the beginning can cause confusion and disharmony and there is nothing worse than looking back at your finishes bathroom wishing you had done something differently.

2. Budget

Before starting any sort of renovation it is vital that a budget is set. Without having a firm idea of what your budget is you will not where it is important to spend more or less. If you have no idea where to start or how much to starting budgeting for your bathroom, a great starting point is to get a few quotes from some builders. If you’re not ready to project manage your renovation completely on your own, a builder can be an invaluable asset. Not only can help organise and coordinate all the trades from start to finish, they are also able to get trade discount on fittings and fixtures from trade only suppliers that the public can’t access. Although it might cost a little bit more to hire a builder, in the long run you will have peace of mind knowing that your bathroom has been by qualified tradesmen.

3. Plumbing

Good plumbing is the foundation to any bathroom. Spending the time and finding a good plumber with good reference will make a huge difference in the long run. Unlike finishes that can be changed reasonably easy, unfortunately plumbing can’t be. Once the floor and walls there’s no going back. Sitting down and looking at your existing plumbing is great place to start. Moving existing plumbing around can be costly. A great way to save money is by keeping the existing plumbing in its current location and just updating the existing fittings. To give you bathroom a fresh and modern look think about getting the plumber to change the plumbing from a traditional tap set to having a mixer it’s a lot cheaper then redoing the whole plumbing your whole bathroom and gives it a modern.

4. Planning

As the old saying goes “measure twice, cut once”. I’m sure it’s something we have all learnt the hard way. Take a step back and take the time to correctly measure up your bathroom, you will thank yourself in the long run. Measure all your current fitting in the bathroom from the vanity, showroom, towel rails and mirror. Then step back and look at the space as a whole and think are they right size for this bathroom? Could I go large or should they be smaller? Think how many people will be using this bathroom?  When it comes to choosing your fittings and fixtures there is not point spending your valuable time running around from showroom to showroom falling in love with a particular fitting and realising that it won’t fit in your bathroom. 


5. Finishes

Everyone loves marble, but is it the right choice for you. Just like any space in your house you should always consider who will be using the space and the sort of maintenance you are willing to put into your new addition. Although marble is stunning it does require constant maintenance, however with developments in technology products like reconstituted stone look just as good if not better than the real thing and have little to no maintenance. Less is more and in a bathroom having a refined palette pays off. Remember to always refer back to the initial list you made were you decided on the style of your bathroom. By constantly referring back to this list it will help you make your decision a lot easier when picking your vanity, taps, bath, toilet and fixtures.