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Powder Room Perfection

Powder Room Perfection

By Grant Dickson 12/04/2017 12:26 pm

The Powder Room sets the tone for the rest of the home and provides the guest a little taste of what it must be like in the private living spaces. This room is a great place to work through joinery styles, finishes and tile layouts, as generally, variations of these initial concepts and finishes are continued throughout the home. The Powder Room is different from a main bathroom or ensuite, because it is a chance to be excessive and include some daring, extravagant elements that can only be achieved in a small space.

Powder Rooms should be fun,
impactful and over the top.

Sheet the walls with a bold pattern or mirror the entire wall. Because of its small size, the Powder Room is a great place to take chances with design. It provides an opportunity to try out an intense colour or unique material – finishes that may typically overpower a larger space.

When it comes to decorating the space, there are a number of things you can do to feel as though you’ve entered a day spa. Keep the room smelling fresh with candles, incense and diffusers and add some greenery with a plant or fresh blooms. Remember to equip your guests with everything they need, including somewhere to rest their bag, a well lit mirror and a spritz of perfume.

Dark & dramatic

Try out a deep, dramatic hue for the walls & don’t be concerned about closing in this small space
with an intense wall or ceiling colour.

powder room

Architectural Digest: Nicole Franzen

This room is a great place to
take chances with design!

Lighting is key

Don’t overlook lighting! Remember to provide great lighting for makeup, but also mood lighting – 
particularly concealed lighting in joinery. Dimmer switches will also help set the mood.

powder room

Cedar & Moss

Remember to equip your guests
with everything they need.

Hooks & ledges

When designing a Powder Room, ensure you consider providing adequate space to rest a handbag.
If using a small vanity with little bench space, think about incorporating shelving, hooks or a niche ledge.

Styling the perfect powderroom

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