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Renovating On A Budget

Renovating On A Budget

By Sarah Kalule and Hanna Margetson 1/08/2017 1:56 pm

There are other ways to renovate your bathroom other than ripping out walls and tiles. Renovating doesn't have to be a costly task. Below are some cost effective options you should consider to freshen up your bathroom. 

Planning is key. Before you make decisions regarding your bathroom you should sit down and figure out exactly what you want to change about your bathroom.


Tiles are a feature in a bathroom. The tile trends are forever changing and updating which is hard to keep up with. It is costly to continue to rip out tiles and replace them every couple of years. Painting tiles is another option that will make your current tiles last longer and completely transform your bathroom. You can even do it yourself. Two major points to keep in mind is to prepare the surface correctly. This involves masking the areas of your bathroom you don't want painted, cleaning the tiles, sanding back the surface of your tiles, and finally priming the surface before applying paint. The second point is to use the right type of paint. Epoxy paint or latex paint will work well. Alwsys ask your local paint supplier for their expert advice.




The vanity can also be a main feature of your bathroom. Updating or buying a new vanity can really freshen up your bathroom. To avoid making this an expensive job try and keep the vanity in the same place to avoid plumbing changes. Another idea to keep costs down is to paint your original vanity another colour. Preparing the vanity for waterproofing key point to remember if you choose to paint and seal your vanity. While you're at it, why not visit our clearance page for our range of bathroom vanities on sale



Another option to update the style of your vanity space is to change tapware, this method is quick and easy and doesn't require as much effort. When selecting your new fittings make sure that they go with the style of your existing or new vanity, the colour scheme and style of  your bathroom. It is also important to choose whether the taps are wall mounted, or in the vanity, if you require taps or just a mixer on its own. This will all depend on the style vanity you have.

Shower Screen

Shower screens and curtains can give away the age of your bathroom. Changing the shower screen or adding one is a simple way to change the look of your space. Choosing a screen that is more on trend can really open and brighten up the space. This is a subtle way to transform your bathroom and will leave guests wondering what you have done to the space. 



Styling is another way to update your bathroom on a budget. Styling can include, towels, plants, accessories, mirrors, storage. Updating the style of towels perhaps with colour or pattern is a cost effective way to freshen up the space. Adding some greenery can bring a space to life either in a pot or hanging from the ceiling can really add a statement refer to our blog “Adding Greenery To Your Bathroom” for tips on how to style with plants. Accessories can include jars, candles, soap dispensers and more, updating these will add a new look and this can be updated every couple of months as well. Mirrors are always changing with different trends, find a mirror that goes with the same style vanity you have to have continuity through out your bathroom. De-clutter with storage and perhaps add some floating shelves or some baskets to neatly store bathroom items. This will keep the space clean and fresh.