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Important things to consider whilst designing your bathroom

Important things to consider whilst designing your bathroom

By Hanna Margetson 3/10/2017 12:26 pm

Designing a home is so exciting! Especially designing a bathroom, there are so many fun things to think about like which vanity? Which bathtub? And which feature tile your putting in your bathroom. However, these fun decisions can cause some major details of your bathroom to be overlooked. We are going to let you know which things to always consider whilst designing a bathroom. 


Everyone needs storage and you can never get enough in your bathroom. When looking for a vanity whilst you sticking with the style you want make sure you keep an eye out for how much storage the vanity has. Storage in Vanities are essential as all your bathroom belongings are hidden in a beautiful cabinet. If you are dealing with a smaller space, there are other ways to make up for storage. This can include a mirror cabinet. Mirror cabinets don’t have to be a rectangle box sticking out of your bathroom wall. You can find beautiful round mirror cabinets or you can recess the cabinet into the wall so its flush with your tiles and the cabinet is nicely concealed. 

           Chantel Bathroom Vanity



Lighting is essential in a bathroom as it’s the place where the whole family gets ready and is used all day. Task lighting is what you should use in your vanity area it is essential you place the lights in the right place so you don’t have shadows over your face which isn’t helpful when it comes to applying makeup! Vertical fixtures or sconces mounted on either side of the mirror are best for casting an even light across the face. The shower is a secondary area of task lighting. Recessed fixtures work best in this area as well as over a freestanding tub or the toilet.

Bathroom Lighting Bathroom Lighting


There’s nothing worse than fogging up your bathroom and not being able to see in the mirror. This is why ventilation is so important in a bathroom especially one with no windows as grout can become unsightly and mould may appear. A good way to ventilate your bathroom is to install a fan. 

Free-standing bath tub


Whilst designing your dream bathroom, it is essential that you place your bathroom furniture in a layout that is functional to the people using it. After you have chosen the pieces to go into your bathroom it is important to be there whilst everything is being installed. This is to ensure everything goes in the right place and so things can be solved on the spot if there happens to be any problems. Being there for the installation also goes for tilling as well to ensure your subway tiles are going in the right herringbone pattern. 


Bathroom tiles

Our Vanities 

Our vanities all have cabinets with so much space for storage! Even our smallest vanities both free standing and wall hung have plenty of storage! Our Hamptons, Hollywood Regency, and Contemporary vanities are all designed to suit different style houses with a variety of benchtops and cabinet colours to suit both functional and aesthetic needs. 

Hollywood Regency Bathroom Vanity