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Tiles: Things To Consider

Tiles: Things To Consider

By Jacob Olsen 2/06/2017 3:56 pm

Choosing tiles for a Bathroom can be a daunting task. Here are five tips to consider when purchasing tiles for your next bathroom project.

1. Size

Always consider the size of your bathroom when choosing tiles. While large tiles can make a bathroom appear bigger, smaller tiles like mosaics can enclose a bathroom.


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2. Composition

There are so many different tile options these days in the market. Each have their own unique characteristics so which is the right tile for you?
- Porcelian
- Ceramic
- Composite Stone
- Natural Stone 


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3. Pattern

An easy way to create interest and a focal point in your bathroom is through pattern. The plainest tile can be transformed simply through changing the orientation of it when tiling. Placing tiles in a herringbone pattern gives a modern take on a traditinoal subway tile look. Turning tiles vertically instead of horizontally can create the illusion of the ceiling being higher than it actually is.


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4. Finish

Add texture to your bathroom by choosing a tile with a glossy, matt or textured finish. Something like a concrete tile with its rough finish not only feels great underfoot but creates a raw industrial feeling.



5. Grout

While traditional white grout is always a safe bet when tiling bathrooms. By using a coloured grout you can competely change the mood and feeling of your bathroom.