2020 Bathroom Trends

It may only be the second month of the year however, the standard of bathrooms that we have come across have been second to none. The architectural and design elements that we have already come across make us so excited for what the bathroom industry has to come in 2020. 

Check out our five favourite bathroom trends for 2020;

1. Illuminated Mirrors

We are seeing these back-lit mirrors everywhere; it's task lighting but  made subtle. They may be a new feature but we have already come across so many different combinations of colours, shapes, styles and functions! Features include touch sensors, Bluetooth audio and demisters to avoid any chance of a foggy mirror. 

2. Earthy Tones

For an overall colour scheme Earthy tones seem to be the way to go in 2020; think neutrals, orange and rust. Although there are many ways to introduce your colour scheme, ways to create this Earthy scheme would include using natural timbers, terracotta basins, tiles and pots, rattan, cane baskets and brass fittings. Schemes inspired by nature give us so many design possibilities and we cannot wait to see different variations of this throughout 2020. 


3. Timber Panelling & Metal Sheeted Walls

Looking for a wall finish but are wanting to avoid another full wall of tiles? This timber panelling and metal sheeting may be the perfect solution, a funky way of adding texture and colour to your bathroom.

4. Terracotta Tiles

Last year we saw a comeback of terrazzo and this year it's terracotta's turn. We have seen glimpses of terracotta through pots, basins and styling but it's the tiles that are grabbing our attention. These terracotta tiles are giving us all of the 70's vibes yet modern and we can not get enough. If you're not too sure of the standard square terracotta floor tile, they now come in different shapes, colours and patterns.

5. Curves

An architectural element that we are loving would be the use of curves, drawing inspiration from 70's cottage-styled homes. We've come across curved walls, mirrors, windows, shower screens and fittings. These soft angles are re-shaping our stereotypical understanding of 'modern' and you will see them dominate in 2020.


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