2022 Bathroom Trends

2022 is here ALREADY! Can you Believe it? Why not start the year off with an all you need to know guide about this years insights into bathroom trends. Keep reading for inspiration in to creating your dream bathroom space! 

The Vanity by Design team have thoughtfully created a list of what we predict will be the bathroom trends of 2022.

We are so excited to see what new trends our customers are going to feature this year in their spaces. We also are happy to announce that we have new designs coming this year which we cannot wait to share with you! We can’t wait to see these gorgeous new styles featured in your bathrooms this year and hopefully we can start a new trend together. 

Here are 6 designs that we think will become even more popular than they already are:

1. Natural Materials

This year natural and veneer timbers, marble and stone tiling are going to bring a breath of fresh air to every bathroom. These natural materials add texture and elevate the space from just a simple bathroom to a blissful escape.

Photo: AmberLewisInteriors

2. Coloured Fixtures

One of our favourite upcoming trends is the addition of coloured fixtures and fittings. We think that Brushed Gold, Matte Black, even Bronze will stick around again this year and bring a level of luxury to a multitude of bathroom spaces. As we venture away from the basic silver functional fixtures, a new and exciting array of opportun­ities arise. Here are some of our favs:

Photo: Vanity by Design 

3. Curved Lines and Designs

In 2022, we predict that designers will push the design boundaries, especially in bathrooms. Rigid structures and sharp angles are quickly being swapped for organic shapes. Features like curved mirrors and walls infuse a more relaxed feel to a bathroom while also achieving a sense of elegance and simplicity.

Photo: StyleSourceBook

4. Basins as a Feature

Basins are quickly becoming feature pieces in bathrooms. The diversity of styles, colours and shapes provide a beautiful assortment of choices. We currently love the trend of a coloured basin! This adds a pop of colour to any bathroom, brightening and livening the space. Here are some amazing basins:

Photo: Vanity by Design 

5. Shower bench seats

We saw shower bench seats make a big appearance the 2021... but we absolutely think these will continue to get bigger and better in 2022! 

Photo: Vanity by Design

6. Round baths

If you are lucky enough to have a large bathroom space that allows for a round bath, then this trend will be for you. Having the luxury of a bath tub is going to save you this year. Those nights where you just need to relax and unwind after a long day at work, or because you deserve it-why not do it in a rounded bath. 

Photo: Vanity by Design 

What do you think will trend in bathrooms in 2022?! 

We can't wait to see what you create in your beautiful bathroom spaces this year. Stay tuned for our new cabinet designs coming soon ...

From VBD Team xx

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