All about the tile

Selecting the perfect tile scheme just might be one of the biggest tasks while renovating your bathroom. With so much surface area; walls, feature walls & flooring, you'll come across plenty of options and decisions to be made.

Here's a list of some of our favourite tiles to get you going, all the way from new to revived styles. 

 1. Uneven Edge

A new option for a plain white tile and we are seeing these tiles everywhere. Available in different combinations; matt white and a square mixed pattern would have to be our favourite. The uneven edges add an extra element of design compared to your standard white tile! 

2. Stone-look Herringbone

Creating a sense of an old cottage yet also so modern, these tiles add character to any space. Despite being manmade, Stone-Look Herringbone tiles will add texture to both your walls and flooring. Powdered marble, travertine and brick are a few of our favourite looks. 

3. Finger Mosaics

Finger Mosaics, also known as Kit-Kat tiles are mosaics of small rectangular tiles. Whether you opt for neutrals or a pop of colour these will make a statement on your walls! Pinks, blues and sage are some popular colour options.

4. Terrazzo

Terrazzo is a quirky tile which has been revived over the last couple of years, especially in bathrooms. Terrazzo is made of chips of marble, quartz, granite and glass that are poured into a cement binder. With infinite colours and combinations, every Terrazzo piece is unique.


5. Penny Round

Penny Round Tiles are a perennial favourite. Versatile for all walls, features and flooring, these tiles are a classic statement piece. Available in just about every stone, colour and finish, you'll find the perfect Penny Round Tile specially for your space.

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