Bathroom Trends We're Loving

We thought it was about time that we gave you an updated version of bathroom trends that we currently are loving! It may have been the creativity sparked during the spare-time with COVID lock downs however, the bathrooms that we have come across have been ticking all the boxes.

Here are four design elements that we LOVE and can't wait to see featured in more bathrooms to get us through the rest of 2020. 

 1. Shades of Sage

We are seeing this beautiful muted green popping up in tiles, paint work and even cabinetry. A lovely pop of colour to add to your bathroom whilst keeping your space feeling earthy and calm. 




Bathroom by Kerdic Homes, designed by Wrightson Stweart.

2. Fluted Textures

Possibly our favourite trend of 2020, this fluted texture is being used all around the bathroom. Shower screens, windows, doors, cabinets, basins and decor. Making privacy look glamorous whilst also adding an element of texture to the space. Big yes from us!




3. Soap Dispenser Holders

We love that these soap dispenser holders add an extra bit of storage to your bathroom and allow more room for styling on your bench top. 

4. Render

Render has been making its way into our bathrooms, reminding us of those Mediterranean holiday spots. Extending beyond the popular white rendered walls we've also seen rendered benches, counters and basins; in all sorts of different colours. 



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