Blooms for your vanity

With just over a month left of Spring we thought we'd share a few of our favourite floral arrangements to style around your bathroom vanity. A fresh way to revamp the mood of your space, so quick and easy!


A tropical, flowering plant; Begonias are grown in an extensive range of different colours and shapes. A popular choice for a modern bathroom and a touch of colour that thrives well in most climates.   

Native & dried leaf arrangements have become increasingly popular in styling over the recent years. Eucalyptus, banksias, baby breaths, gum leaves, sun palm leaves and tallow berries are a few of our favourites. Your natives will eventually dry out adding a lovely rustic touch which will last you almost forever!
 Peace Lily
Peace lily is a popular indoor plant, deep green leaves with blooming white flowers. Peace lilies require minimum maintenance and thrive with indirect sunlight; que bathrooms with little natural lighting! Pop your peace lily into a decorative pot and she will absolutely make a statement.
Styling your vanity can be as simple as a bunch of lavender, classic and elegant. The popular purple stem is most best known for its calming fragrance, perfect for your bathroom. Lavender is another great option to let dry out with very little maintenance. 

Here's Steve Cordony's top tips to styling your flower arrangements all around the home; 

1) Choose interesting vessels to create your arrangements and think about the material and shapes. Tall and short glass column vases are good staple of have.

2) If you mix different varieties of flowers (2-3 is a good mix) then keep the colours tonal and in the same family

3) Use tall structural branches such as blossom, magnolia, and greenery in tall heavy vases with narrow opening to create graphic drama

4) Don’t be afraid to cut stems short to create low full arrangements, perfect for coffee table or side tables

5) Simple is best and flowers en masse always look chic

6) When styling table arrangements for a dinner table, keep the arrangements to a maximum height of 20-25cm to allow visibility for guests

7) Greenery always works well as a base, to start adding flowers

8) Change the water often to prolong the life of your flowers

9) Always create your arrangements thinking about what angle be viewed from

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