Designing a Small Bathroom

Having trouble designing a bathroom with limited space to work with? Below is a list of easy to follow steps to making your small bathroom feel spacious!

1. Colour 

Keep your colour palette SIMPLE

Use light tones and have minimal contrast  - you want your bathroom to feel light and airy 

Example - Design a White on White colour palette using different textures throughout 

Example - Design a Tone on Tone colour palette using light hues (beiges, greys, soft colours)

Image featuring Hayley 1000 Hampton Grey.

2. Design & Build 

Use open niches as a storage option

Having bath and shower in the same wet area OR combined shower and bath option

Clear glass options for showers

Create a seamless illusion – paint your ceiling the same colour as your walls OR tile to the ceiling

Use large and plain floor tiles

Where possible, utilise as much natural lighting as you can (sky lights, high windows, using frosted glass instead of blinds or shutters on windows OR use bright, white artificial lighting)

Image featuring McQueen 980 Natural. 

3. Decor


Do not over decorate, negative space can be a good thing in smaller bathroom - you want your room to feel open and spacious, not cramped

Decorate with FUNCTIONAL pieces OR use fixtures and fittings as décor

Use bigger pieces of décor compared to lots of smaller items – de clutter

Use mirrors strategically – placing mirrors across from windows will have a greater illusion of more space compared to being across an empty wall.

Image featuring Sophia 1000 Hampton Grey.  

4. Fixtures & Fittings

Compact but functional vanities – SHOP our Hayley, Maison and Montauk Ranges

Wall Hung Vanities allow for extra leg room therefore giving an illusion of openness – SHOP our Lauren, North Haven, Huxley Ranges

Wall mounted toilets take up minimal space allowing the negative space illusion.

Image featuring Chelsea Japan Black.