DIY Bathroom Products

We understand that it is an uncertain time for the world and that many of you will be spending lots of time at home over the next few weeks. We thought why not make the most of this time to 'pause' and get in touch with your creative side. Here are three easy DIY Bathroom products for you and the whole family to try. 

Remember to wash your hands, stay safe and stay healthy. 



- A jar, large bowl, spoon and funnel
- Essential oils of your choice (A combination that I like is lavender, bergamot and geranium)
- A cup of Epsom salts
- A cup of Himalayan salt rocks
- Half a cup of lavender
- Half a cup of rose petals



1) Pour Epsom salt, Himalayan salt rocks, lavender and rose petals into the large bowl
2) Add your combination of essential oils to large bowl
3) Stir until all ingredients are evenly mixed
4) Pour the large bowl into your jar, use funnel if necessary
5) Enjoy your homemade bath salts!


Here's a collection of some of my favourite DIY painted pots. Cute decor for not only your bathroom but anywhere in your home! The best thing is that you can use almost anything that you can find laying around; maison jars, old vases, terracotta and clay pots or tin cans. Whether you are using these for plants, candles or storage, the opportunities are endless!




- A jar for your candle
- A saucepan and cooktop, tablespoon, funnel
- Wick and wick tab
- Essential oils of your choice
- Leaves and petals of your choice
- 500 grams of beeswax
- Half a cup of coconut oil


1) Place saucepan on cook top and turn onto low to medium heat
2) Pour Beeswax and coconut oil into saucepan
3) Leave to melt
4) Cut a piece of wick to suit the size of your candle jar
5) Thread piece of wick through wick tab
6) Tape wick tab to the bottom of the jar so it stays in place
7) Pull saucepan off cooktop once melted
8) Add two table spoons of essential oils of your choice and mix
9) Pour wax into candle jar, use funnel if necessary
10) Add leaves and petals of your choice for decoration
11) Leave to dry and set