Farmhouse meets Modern Coastal Bathroom - The Airlie

We know that purchasing a bathroom vanity is only a small part of your renovations however, our team is dedicated to bringing your bathroom dreams to life. Working with our special clients through their initial planning stages makes being welcomed into the finished space all that more personal. 

In the leafy, riverside neighbourhood of Chelmer, Brisbane the streets are a picturesque blend of Traditional Queenslanders and modern homes. Perfectly suited for its latest Farmhouse meets Modern Coastal home renovation - a new home to our Airlie 1500 Double in White. 

We met Kristy and Nick Noble when they purchased their new home in April 2021. A few months later and lots of renovating, we were welcomed back to see the finished space. 

“We loved the area and the street; it is a property with a 2-street frontage which was appealing. The house wasn’t initially what we were looking for as we wanted a more renovated property. Due to the market being very fast moving, the difficulty of securing a home and of course prices increasing, we ended up having to change our buying criteria and be much more flexible. We saw the potential in our new home and prioritised our most important reasons for moving. We ended up doing a full renovation and are now waiting on an external paint job” says Kristy, owner.

Their first renovation task was to renovate the bathroom, and the clients had a vision of space and light, however, did face a few difficult design elements.

“The bathroom is quite small, so we wanted to make sure the new design would give the feeling of space and light. Luckily the ceilings are high which makes it feel a little bit bigger. We didn’t have enough room to change the placement of the fittings etc. so we were limited. We knew we wanted it to be clean whites, with crisp, fresh, simple and an inviting feel” says Kristy.


If there is anything you would change about the space, what would it be?

“We wouldn’t change anything at all. We have had so many positive comments from friends and family. It’s one of my favourite rooms in the house. A refreshing and inviting space where we can easily feel relaxed” says Kristy.

For others who are renovating their bathroom, what is one tip that you’d pass on from your experience?

“Take inspo from Pinterest. This is where I did most of my research. If deciding on a patterned/textured feature tile wall, keep all other walls simple and clean, so it doesn’t look too busy. Add simple décor items and greenery if you’re wanting a fresh feel” says Kristy.

And lastly, what is the highlight of the bathroom?

“We love the vanity design as well as the functionality. It’s wall mounted which leaves room for decorative baskets for storage. The secret drawers offer additional storage space which is a bonus!” says Kristy.

Have you recently renovated your bathroom using our vanities? We’d love to see your space/s! Send your pictures to

The VBD Team xx