Mood Boards

At Vanity by Design we understand that there are many different elements to consider when designing your bathroom; tiles, tapware, lighting, joinery, etc. We believe that creating a mood board (physical or digital) is so important because they allow us to visualise our space before making any major design decisions - ensuring that we have the perfect balance of all fixtures, finishes and fittings.

Did you know that Vanity by Design provides colour samples for free? Contact our Brisbane or Sydney showrooms to find out how you can get some of our colour samples on your next mood board.

Let’s talk about creating your very own board…

1. Research

If you've been flipping through magazines or scrolling through Instagram and Pinterest and have found images of bathrooms that you like... Save these or even print them out!

Once you have a collection of images, find the common theme throughout. Is it the colour scheme that you like? Or the design style, a specific item, the mood or even the tile layout? Find the common theme and let this inspire your entire design.

Here are some inspiration images that I have collected, you can see that the common theme is these grid look tiles. I will make this the focal point of my bathroom design. 

2. Finding Your Scheme

When you walk into your bathroom where do you want people’s eyes to be drawn to? Place your focal point on a blank board.

Firstly, we need to find the perfect colour scheme. Start by adding some basic bathroom fixtures to your mood board such as some tiles, a vanity and some hardware. Play around with different colour schemes and ideas, be creative and do not limit yourself to a particular scheme – you may surprise yourself and like something that you did not previously consider.

If you are having trouble coming up with colour schemes, there is an amazing website called Coolors. You can pop in any image that you love and it will generate different colour combinations for you. You can then begin to find your fixtures and fittings that match these colour schemes, it is so handy!

Here are three very different colour schemes that I created based off the grid look tiles that I loved!

3. Add, Remove, Edit, Repeat

Once you have picked a scheme that you like we can continue to layer up your mood board. Add in all the elements that will be in your bathroom – toilet, showers, lighting, tapware, accessories, styling, you name it. Grab colour samples from stores or print out pictures of the fixtures and fittings, we want to make sure every little bit ties together.

Keep adding, removing & editing your mood board, this is exactly where you want to discover what works and what doesn’t work - Trial everything that you may be thinking of!

Here are some physcial mood board examples that we love!








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