Welcome back to our monthly Journal! The last month has been CRAZY, and for the good! Our incredible warehouse team have unloaded 6 containers worth of stock at our Brisbane warehouse and restocked our absolute FAVOURITE designs.

Restocked this month!

So, this brings us to this month’s journal topic of conversation, Vanity by Design transport OPERATIONS! And yes, there is a lot that goes on in the operations side of Vanity by Design!

We believe that quality should not be sacrificed for value. Our team oversee every step of the way… From design, to manufacturing, to delivery, we ensure the best quality, materials, and packaging of every product. So want to know more on our operations? Keep reading!

Our family owned factory, Nova Deko is in Foshan, China. Nova Deko produces all cabinets exclusively for Vanity by Design, meaning they cannot be purchased anywhere else.

Our beautiful vanities are loaded at the world’s 3rd busiest port, Yantain Port which is in Southern China. We choose to sea freight our vanities to Australia as this is the most cost effective way. The products are shipped on cargo ships which usually hold around 12,000 40ft containers… which makes for a massive boat!

The container looks something like this...

When our operations team needs to organise a container, you have 2 options, you can choose from either a fast ship or a slow ship. The slow ship is on average 3 weeks’ timeline plus customs clearance, and a fast ship is about 10 days plus customs clearance. Due to Covid, the fast ships are stopping at both Sydney and Melbourne ports first before delivering to our Brisbane ports which slows the process down by about 2 days at each stop.

When Covid first hit us in March 2020 we decided to slow down our regular imports of containers. It was very uncertain times for a lot of businesses. At the end of April 2020, China suffered another Covid-19 outbreak at our Yatain port. This disruption has been described as worse than the Suez Canal with a complete closure for a few weeks and then only partially opening.

So you can imagine how excited we get when containers now arrive into our Brisbane warehouse! This means we can restock our favourite vanities and try to keep up with the high demand for our products as best as possible.

We hope you've learnt something new about VBD and how we operate! Hopefully we can get back to normal very soon and continue designing and producing gorgeous vanities for you all.

The VBD Team xx

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