Single or Double Vanity?

Single or Double Vanity? We're seeing more and more double vanities being used in new builds and renovations and for good reason - People live busy lives and may need to use the bathroom at the same time. There are pros and cons to having both a single and a double vanity but what actually works best for you and your bathroom? 

1.Double Vanity


- Having your own personal space which you can use at the same time, not getting in each other's way and slowing down each other's routine

- Having a space for your own toiletries or products without being in anyone else's way

- Not having to look at someone else's left over mess in the basin (for example, toothpaste and makeup)

- Less Clutter! Having less bench space on top means most things will need to be stored within the cabinetry

- Double vanities can be seen as a 'luxury item' and may be beneificial from a resale point of view


- Double the plumbing means extra plumbing costs as well as double the fixtures and fittings you will need to buy

- You will have less bench space and the extra plumbing may also mean less cabinetry space

- If you are only just able to fit in a double vanity will it overwhelm the feel of your bathroom space?

- Is it necessary for you? Maybe you wont have two people using the bathroom at the same time and the extra basin will potentially take up extra working and storage space

2. Single Vanity


- Less plumbing work and only need to purchase one set of basin fittings

- So much extra bench space!

- Storage, storage, storage - One set of plumbing work means extra cabinetry space clear to use

- Renovating an older home with a single vanity? You don't have to 'upgrade' to a double vanity! Adding in another single vanity will mean minimal changes to plumbing, tiling, tapware etc. A great way to cut costs and lessen the extra work to your already stressful renovations.


- The obvious reason of not having your own space and being in each others way

- A single vanity may not 'make sense' if you have such a large bathroom, it may feel like wasted space and leave your bathroom looking incomplete

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