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Not So Basic Bathroom Accessories

Starting to renovate your bathroom and have already picked out the key elements – vanity, bath, toilet, tiles? Good job and how exciting! Now you need to lock down the finer details of your bathroom. Gone are the days when a floor waste was JUST a floor waste.

Throughout this journal we are going to give you loads of tips, trends and things to consider while accessorising your bathroom and bringing your vision to life. Let’s get creative with your bathroom necessities!

1. Tapware

Picking your tapware doesn't have to mean finding a standard chrome mixer, infact your tapware can be the statement piece and set the design for your entire bathroom.

Remember! The plumbing in every bathroom is different so speak to your plumber, builder or the people that you purchased your basin and vanity from prior to purchasing your tapware. 

Style - Wall mounted, mixers, basin sets? 

Design - Traditional or Modern look? It's all in the finer details.

Finishes - You can get just about ANY colour or finish you are looking for, giving you endless design opportunities in your bathroom. Would you prefer something beautifully subtle or a statement piece. To blend in or to create contrast? Will the tapware throughout your bathroom match or be an eclectic mix?

Size - Carefully consider the spout length and heights that you require, remember that every bathroom is different. Getting the dimensions right for your tapware will allow an ease of function and minimal splashing. 



2. Basin Wastes

Style - Pop up, pop down, plug waste or will you need a bottle trap waste?

Finishes - With an endless range of finishes in the market will you be going with a standard chrome waste, same colour as your basin or matching the finish of your tapware and hardware?

Something to consider - Will you need a waste with an over flow? Ask the people that you purchased your basins from or your plumber about this!

3. Towel Rails

Size - How many people will be using this bathroom and how many towels will you need to fit?

Style - Wall mounted, free standing, mounted to your vanity? Statement towel rails are trending!!

Climate - Depending on where you live or what feel you are trying to achieve, will you need a heated towel rail?


4. Floor Wastes

A floor waste is probably the last thing you will think of when designing your bathroom but is an integral part of the actual build and something that needs to be sorted out early on. 

Style - Central floor waste or linear drain?

Design - Will you use a floor grate that is on display or a 'Smart Tile Waste'? (A floor waste that blends in with your floor tiles)

Remember - If you are using a floor waste that is on display we are now spoilt for choice with finishes and patterns. Your floor waste will only add another element of design to your bathroom!


5. Shower Shelves

The traditional chrome and porcelain soap holders are great but we can do so much more than that now!

Style - Shelves, baskets, wall niches - another thing that you will need to determine before commencing your build. 

Finishes - To blend in with your tiles or to match your tiles and create a bit of contrast?


 6. Suppliers

Check out some of our favourite bathroom accessories suppliers!

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