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Trendy Tiles

Here at Vanity by Design we love a good tile scheme and have come accross so many beautifully-tiled bathrooms recently. From new designs to revived tiles, we are going to show you five of our favourite tile trends. 

1. Finger Mosaic

Our absolute favourite new tile trend! We are beginning to see these everywhere and we cannot get enough. Finger (Stick) Mosaic Tiles can come in so many different variations but overall, they are a mosaic of long rectangular tiles. 


2. Grid-Look

These Grid-Look tiles can take your space from retro-cottage bathroom to funky-modern bathroom and so many places in between. Remember that picking the perfect grout colour is just as important here, it will drive the entire design of your bathroom!

3. Carrara

And by Carrara tiles we mean everything Carrara - herringbone, square, penny, fishscale, everything. Carrara Marble may date back to the 17th century but it is timeless and definitely on trend. Carrara would have to be one of our all time favourite finishes which is exactly why we use it for our very own marble bench tops. 


4. Terrazzo

We have said it before but we will say it again - Terrazzo tiles are back! If you haven't already, check out our Modern Day Terrazzo journal. 


6. Patterns

Pattern tiles are the perfect way to add a pop of colour or even break up the colour in your bathroom. Traditional or modern, you are spoilt with so many design styles of patterned tiles. 


 Tile Suppliers

Check out some of our favourite Tile suppliers!

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