Ibrido: Calacatta Oro – Smartstone  Sample
NOTE: Sample is a printed image on recycled card and is part of Smartstone’s eco-sample set. (Not a solid stone sample)
Total cost will include up to 5 samples. Your choice of Regular ($10.00) or Express ($15.00) Australia Post Shipping.


Ibrido’s less than 28% silica content is the lowest available in Australia, thanks to the exclusive Smartstone NewGen formulation. This groundbreaking low silica quartz formulation sets new industry standards in product responsibility, and its 56% recycled content highlights Smartstone’s dedication to environmental care.

While low silica quartz Ibrido presents a new generation of engineered surfaces, it still offers Smartstone’s trusted quality and durability; high performance, low maintenance Ibrido is stain, scratch, etch, chip and heat resistant.


There are a few ways to experience the Ibrido Collection. We recommend arranging a showroom viewing with Smartstone or visiting us at our Vanity showroom in Brisbane. If this isn’t possible Smartstone offers online consultations. We can also organise to send you an eco-sample set which is printed on recycled card.

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