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Barcelona Toilet Brush Holder

SKU: ACC-10-6100

  • Porcelain Ceramic Cup
  • Chrome Plated Brass
  • Wall Mount Hidden Finish

The Above picture is exactly what the Barcelona Cup Holder should look like, except with a ceramic cup, not glass cup.

Sleek, stylish and sophisticated, the Barcelona range will bring both timeless design and sleek practicality to your bathroom. From towel rails to cup holders, the slick clean lines of our elite Barcelona accessories will add the ultimate touch of style and appeal.

Every item in the Barcelona range is created from robust, high-quality materials, for maximum durability. With all fittings and screws hidden, these products are easy to clean and ready for heavy-duty wear.

As a leader in the creation and supply of superior bathroom products, we have created our gorgeous range of bathroom accessories to fit seamlessly into any bathroom and complement any contemporary design. Whether you’re renovating or refreshing, our practical and aesthetic Barcelona collection will enhance and enrich your bathroom space.

Barcelona Toilet Brush Holder


  • Chrome-plated brass

  • Porcelain Ceramic Cup

  • Wall mount

  • Hidden finish

  • Australian Quality Standards

Dimensions: 175W x 115D x 350Hmm

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